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Monday, 30 March 2015

ButtHurt Magazine - Issue 01

ButtHurt Magazine - Issue 01

Well I'll be a zebra's ass. It's the first issue of ButtHurt Magazine!

Well I'll be a zebra's ass. It's the first issue of ButtHurt Magazine!




Using the word 'girl'

From ‘coloured’ to ‘terrorist’, the spoken word is a minefield these days. But the BBC surpassed itself in May last year after cutting the word ‘girl’ from a documentary about the Commonwealth Games, fearing it might cause offence.  Broadcaster Mark Beaumont, 31, quipped “I am not sure I can live that down – being beaten by a 19-year-old girl.” after  being thrown by female judo champion Cynthia Rahming:
Miss Rahming said: “I wasn’t offended – I didn’t find it sexist”, but the word was still pulled.    


Apparently there are people that have their anxiety triggered by the sound of applause. Yes, hand clapping.   National Union of Students Women's Conference in Britain recently tweeted,  "Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz-hands rather than clapping, as it's triggering anxiety. Please be mindful!" Jazz hands in performance dance is the extension of a performer's hands with palms toward the audience and fingers splayed. It is commonly associated with especially exuberant types of performance such as musicals, cheerleading, show choir, revue, and especially jazz dance shows.

I fully expect one day to hear the phrase, "I went to a Women's conference, and a musical broke out!"

I only have one last thing to say to these sensitive types. 

Suck it!  Suck it!   Yeah!  I'm clapping! Oh, yeah. Feel it!  Feel the approval!

Smiling at women

According to a study by Northeastern University, in Boston, a conclusion was made that men who smile at women and behave in a warm, friendly, chivalrous manner are guilty of “benevolent sexism” that was, in its own weird way, as harmful as shouting abuse at a woman. The study watched 54 students play a trivia game, and concluded that benevolent sexism is "one of the driving forces behind gender inequality in our society". 

Hey, maybe the the real conclusion should of been, "This is why women date assholes."


Back in January,a model of a 66-million-year-old diplodocus was going to be retired from the Natural History Museum in London.  A "Save Dippy" protest ensued.  Dippy's replacement was a Blue Whale, and was chosen to remind us, of our immense environmental responsibilty. yaddah, yaddah.  Some people dared to say they preferred dinosaurs, which must of annoyed some enviro-nazis somewhere because out came the labelling of 'Dippy' fans as "climate-change-denyers". 

According to their bizarre logic, if you prefer dinosaurs to whales, you're basically responsible for global warming.  I'd suggest these people jump off a bridge, and thus reduce their own carbon footprint, to zero. 

Dippy, would of wanted it that way.

The Athena tennis-girl poster

A poster from 1979 of a bare bottomed female tennis player was to be part of a display at Wimbledon. The poster which has had 20 million sales since its first release, was labeled "sexist" by the Everyday Sexism Project, who apparently have nothing better to do than to label things. The critics were quoted as saying that they wanted it "eradicated from history."  That's pretty tough talk coming from a group that wants the whole world to be a safe space for overly sensitive women.  What next? Hit squads to collect and destroy the posters like a good ol fashioned Nazi book burning?  To fully eradicate it from history, would they hunt down the photographer who shot the picture?  Maybe eradicate his offspring too!  Hey, then they could make the female tennis stars wear Burqas.

The Wimbledon bosses, like most gutless corporations, apologized.

While we're at it maybe we should get rid of the Venus de Milo as well.  Not only is she topless, but she has no hands, so she probably has her anxiety triggered when people applause.  Jazz hands everyone, jazz hands!


Apparently Minecraft is too violent for the country of Turkey.  Turkey’s Family and Social Policies Ministry says the blood-drenched game is too much for kids.  Their concern is that kids might confuse the real world, with the game world where if you continually hit an animal, it turns into a plucked chicken or a cut of beef. 

Yeah, I tried that myself once.   I beat a car with a stick, but it refused to turn into a Swanson's t.v. dinner.

This concludes this issue of Butt-Hurt magazine.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Mangina Chronicles: Chapter 1

 The Mangina Chronicles: Chapter 1

The Mangina Chronicles: Chapter 1

The Mangina Chronicles: Chapter 1

Names and places have been changed. The Mangina Chronicles, follows the real life experiences of someone I will refer to as Mangina Fred.



Names and places have been changed. The Mangina Chronicles, follows the real life experiences of someone I will refer to as Mangina Fred.

Ivy:  Hi! I am Emily. My Mom is a feminist, and my Dad is a Mangina. These are their stories.

Part 1.
The Coffee.
Mangina Fred called me the other day.  He's a cheap bugger, so he recently got some free coffee with a seven-eleven coupon.  He discovered that, somehow, the caffeine helps him deal with his wife and child better.  However, his wife complains she doesn't like the smell of coffee. He said the next time he gets a coffee, that maybe he'll just wait for his coffee to get cold, before he brings it into the house.  I suggested the next time she complains about the smell of coffee, that he just talk to himself aloud and ask himself, "What kind of Nazi tells me what I can drink in my own home?" Not surprisingly. he did not take my advice.

Part 2.
The Dog Walker.
With her various chronic illnesses, some probably imagined, Mangina Fred's wife, has convinced him that the cold night air bothers her breathing. She really just hates the cold. So every night around 9 pm, he is the one that takes the dog for a walk, so that it can do its business. Last February, our area broke a record, the average daily low temperature was minus 19 Celsius, or for our American friends, -2.2 Fahrenheit.  Although his wife seems to love their $1900 dog more than her own child, or husband for that matter, it was his responsibility to take the groomers as well. So on the first day of March, he takes the dog to get groomed (which coincidently was the warmest day in over a month).  The dog groomer took longer than expected, so because he has the only car, she had to walk a few blocks to pick up their kid from school, and all the way back.  She was not happy.  Somehow in her warped logic, it was her husband's fault, and not the groomer.

Part 3.
Mangina Fred's wife takes the 7 year old kid to Brownies, on other side of town;  and has over an hour to kill. Fred suggested she drive down the road, a few blocks,  to a mall to check out a store for a birthday present, for their kid's friend.  She refuses, he says "fine" in a calm voice, then she decides to go.  She gets to the store, and after she was done looking, leaves the store, and somehow forgot which direction she came from, and makes a wrong turn. She gets lost, calls him on her cell phone, and proceeds to blame him, for her getting lost.  After he gives her directions on how to get back, she makes it back in plenty of time to pick up their kid from her meeting. I asked Fred if they had GPS in the car.  He said there is GPS in car, but she can't be bothered to learn it.  Not knowing what make or model, I asked him if there was an icon on the touch-screen called "Home".  There is.

Part 4.
Not surprisingly, Fred's last visit with his doctor revealed that he might have high blood pressure. It measured 165 over 90-something. To be sure that he wasn't just suffering from "white coat syndrome", he was told to wear a special blood-pressure cuff, which would record his blood-pressure , for 24 hours, every half hour.  Fred's wife says she's concerned about it, but told me that she pins the blame all on their 7 year old autistic daughter. Not a single mention of her own role, his Dad's deteriorating health from Parkinson's disease, him picking up the slack because she is sick more often than not, or him doing the majority of the housework and child rearing.

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