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Friday, 30 January 2015

HeForShe: The Impact 10x10x10 Speech Spoof

HeForShe: The Impact 10x10x10 Speech Spoof

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Impact 10x10x10: we want names, we want numbers!


Video Transcript

“Since the "HeForShe" launch in New York last September, I think it would be fair to say, that my colleagues and I have been stunned by the lack of response. The "HeForShe" conference was watched, in disbelief,  over 11 million times, but only got 200,000 signatures.  It sparked 1.2 billion social media conversations, mostly about male owners of female cats, culminating in the "HeForShe" hashtag becoming so popular, that Twitter painted it on the bathroom walls of its DETROIT headquarters, and, men from almost every country in the world made the commitment never to visit DETROIT. Everyone from Desmond Two-two,  to Prince Harry, to Hilary Clinton, to Yoko Ono,  have issued their support or contacted us since September 20th . I mean, it's not like they have to be at a 9 to 5 job, or anything, and they all want to shag me too!

Everything from marathons being run in the dead of winter, merchandise being created for profit, 15 year old boys writing to national newspapers deploring female discrimination in order to impress their female friends, young girls collecting hundreds of signatures,  it’s all happened in the last 4 months. I couldn’t have DREAMED it (!) but it’s happened. People know my name now! Thank you so much for watching and thank you so much for your support by subconsciously re-watching Harry Potter movies so I can rake in even more royalties, suckas.

What is IMPALE 10x10x10? It’s about bullying governments, businesses and universities and coercing them to make concrete commitments to our distorted version of gender equality.  But I want to pressure the human beings that are behind these organizations. I spoke about some of my story in September - what are your stories?  Just female stories though.  It is after all "HeForShe", not, "She-for-He."

Girls, who have been your mentors? Parents did you make sure you treated your children equally? If so how have you done it, because I know jack-shit about parenting! I can't even keep a spider-plant alive. Husbands have you been supporting your female partner privately so that she can fulfill her dreams too, no matter how bizarre, disloyal, or adulterous? Young men have you spoken up in a conversation when a woman was casually degraded or dismissed? Did you pause the porno, and say, "Hey, I would still do that fatty!" How did this affect you? Did you start dating large women? How did this affect the woman you stepped up for? How did you take action when you became aware a woman was a victim of violence? Did you join a mob a beat the accused man senseless before his trial? Business men have you mentored, supported, or engaged women in leadership positions? Did you tell the white male with 10 more years of experience to shove it? Writers have you challenged the language and imagery used to portray women? Have you put halo's around every woman's head, and photo shopped men to appear fatter, darker and more sinister? CEO’s have you implemented the women’s empowerment principles in your own company? Have you put "HeForShe"  stickers on every conceivable surface? What change have you seen? Have male employees adapted to the removal of patriarchal urine-alls?  Have men stopped man-spreading in their cubicles? Are you someone that has been persuading men to become HeForShe’s, in front of women looking on,  and collecting their signatures for our database? How many have you got? We want to know. We want to know who is not obeying!

One of the biggest pieces of feedback I’ve had since my speech is that people want to help but they aren’t sure how best to do it, legally.

Manginas say they have signed the petition But they asked What now?

The truth is the ‘what now’ is down to you. That gives us plausible deniability. What your "HeForShe" commitment will be is personal. As in personal belongings, personal assets, and even your job.  And there is no ‘best’ way, everything is valid. But if you are really stuck, watch a really messy divorce, and pay out whatever the court orders the man to pay, and do that. Not married? Then pick any female working a menial job, and give her the windfall.  It's the least you can do for your thought-crimes, you god-damn oppressor!

Decide what your commitment is, make it a public shaming, and then please report back to us on your humiliation, if you are still alive,  so that we can share your reparations story. We want to support, guide and reinforce male efforts. IMPALE 10x10x10 is about concrete commitments to obey, the visibility of these commitments to obey, and the measurability of them too , in dollar amounts. How has the campaign IMPALEd me so far?  I’ve had my breath taken away, when an alpha male took me from behind, and whispered the part of my speech that went, "If not me, who? If not now, when?". I’ve been stunned by the amount of men in my life that have contacted me since my speech to tell me just what they want to do to me, and it just turns me on!

While I would love to claim that the success of the "HeForShe" campaign is a direct result of my 14 year old male Harry Potter fans. I know that it is not. It is because I am woman, and I have a vagina. It is my belief that there is a greater need than ever that I, Emma Watson, need to be an equal participant in your homes, your societies, in your governments, and in your work places. And they know that the world is being held back in every way because they are not me. Half of them are not even female! Women share this planet 50/50 and they are massively neglected and underrepresented, their irrational potential astonishingly untapped. We are very excited to be launching IMPALE 10x10x10 to bring "HeForShe" into its next INDOCTRINATION phase. If you are a "He-She", you are a tranny. If you’re a "HeForShe" - and I am assuming you are because otherwise it could become quite uncomfortable for you - I’m here to ask you what is the impact you can have? How, what, where, when and with who? We want names, numbers, contacts! We want to help you, help us and we want to know.... EVERYTHING. Ask not what a woman can do for you. But what you can do for a woman.
  The artist formerly known as Emma Watson

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Woman sees package, gains 50 pounds.

Woman sees package, gains 50 pounds.

Canadian MGTOW Flying Circus:  Episode 1
Canadian MGTOW Flying Circus:  Episode 1

The Video

Video Transcript

This is Canadian MGTOW.  Having fun, and not giving a shit...

Welcome to my first "Canadian MGTOW Flying Circus" Video.  This will be the first in a series in which I will look at the lighter side of life.

Today's video is called, Woman sees package, gains 50 pounds.

No, this is not a story about a woman joining "the cake of the month club."  This is a real news story from Britain in which a man was found guilty of having sex with a mailbox.  I guess he either took the slang term box literally, or perhaps British women are uglier than those on Coronation Street!

45-year-old Paul pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent exposure, and using threatening and abusive words. Witnesses saw Paul pull down his pants and publicly insert his penis into a mailbox.  The prosecuting  attorney, Kate, said Paul walked over to the mailbox and quote "started to make sexual advances towards it." un-quote.

Paul's attorney said his client understood that he left witnesses disgusted and ashamed. I'm not sure why witnesses would be ashamed,  it wasn't their package on display.  Anyhow, Paul received 12 months of community sentence with a requirement for alcohol treatment.   He was also ordered to pay £150 (approximately $275) in court costs, and a £60 victim surcharge.  No word if the mailbox  received this money.

Of course, I cannot end this video without the gynocentric element of the story.   Paul was also ordered to pay £50 (approximately $92) in compensation to the victim.  No, not the mailbox, but a woman who simply witnessed the sex act.  Hence, if you are a woman in Britain, and you see a package, you will gain 50 pounds!

So the woman, who has probably seen a penis before, gets paid money, while poor drunk Paul gets to sign the sex offenders registry. No word on how the mailbox is doing, nor any mention of its victim impact statement.

This concludes this video... If you enjoyed it, please comment, rate, and subscribe.  Thank you. This is Canadian MGTOW, signing off! Save yourself! Go MGTOW...

And don't screw a mailbox.

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